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Metro Srl

Metro Srl is a company owned by the Municipality of Lucca through Lucca Holding Spa.

Metro srl deals with the design, construction and management of integrated parking systems and areas for parking vehicles in Lucca.

The company also has a concession from the Municipality of Lucca to manage and release all permits pertaining to the circulation and parking of vehicles within the historic center, in accordance with current regulations and municipal regulations.

Services Card

Metro Srl is committed to providing a SERVICES CHARTER for citizens with regard to managing parking and all of the other services that it provides.

The concept of the Services Charter is linked to a written agreement between the companies and the citizens using the services and relates to the undertaking of responsibilities and duties. The charter originates (within the sphere of public services) from a Presidential directive of the Council of Ministers concerning the "Principles of public services provision". This directive was passed on 27/01/1994.

Unlike in other sectors, for example local public transport, there is no legal obligation to adopt a Services Charter for car parking. Nevertheless, the city administration department of Lucca and Metro srl have agreed that, as parking services are intended for collective usage, they should also obligate the authority to provide a controlled service which users can check and understand.

For this reason, Metro srl has produced this thirteenth issue of its Services Charter, redrafted with logics, objectives and content similar to those articulated in the relevant standards for public services.

(The Services Card is in Italian language only)

Transparent Administration

This section collects information related to publicity obligations, transparency and spread of information by public administrations


Visit the page Amministrazione Trasparente (in Italian language only)

Public Notices

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