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Tourist Buses

The tourist buses with destination Lucca are required to display the bus ticket. The bus ticket will be free of charge starting from 1/06/2020 until 31/12/2020 according to the resolution n. 70 of 12/05/2020 of the Municipality of Lucca.
The reception point of the buses is located in Metro Tourist Information Office City of Lucca, Old Porta San Donato, Piazzale Verdi, open every day from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. 
The bus ticket can be issued in advance on the website https://permessi.metrosrl.it

The areas authorized for temporary parking to allow the descent of passengers from the bus are:
Piazzale Boccherini
Porta San Pietro
Porta Elisa
Porta Santa Maria

The bus can then stop, waiting for the end of the visit, to the Parking Palatucci, in Viale Carlo Del Prete.

Each single bus ticket ill be valid exclusively for the entire reference period; it can not be used for periods other than the reference period; the tickets are made out to the applicant Company/Company and must be validated by affixing the date and the vehicle number plate.

- The bus ticket must be displayed, for the entire period of stay on the territory of the City of Lucca, on the front of the vehicle and in a clearly visible and controllable from the outside;
- The lack of exposure or partial concealment of the bus ticket involves the application of the sanctions provided for by the highway code related to the failure to display the permit;
- Transgressors will also be subject to administrative penalties provided for pursuant to Legislative Decree no. n. 285/1992 "Nuovo Codice della Strada"; the Municipal Police Command will transmit the documents to the Municipality for the forced recovery of the fare evaded according to the maximum applicable tariff (€ 130,00);
- Each bus ticket is valid from the arrival time until 10 am the following day;
- For arrivals in Lucca outside check-in hours, it is mandatory to check in online.